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The Diabetes Management Center

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“Finally... There is a simple to use diabetes software that  helps me track important information about my Diabetes”

“Quick, easy to use software tells me the impact of what I eat on my Blood Glucose. It had made it easier to adjust my diet ”

“I tried the so called “free software” and I found that there was little information I could use. Then I tried the DMC.  What a difference! I can literally see how what I ate changed my blood glucose levels.”

The Diabetes Management Center (DMC) is a diabetes software that gives you the information you need  to make good decisions about the foods you eat and their impact on your Blood Glucose.

A diabetes software that helps you get in

control and helps keep you there!

The fight against Diabetes

begins with information...

Manage your Blood Glucose Readings  Keep Track of your Medications  Report Meals and track the effect  foods had on your Blood Glucose  Plan Meals to be Nutritional and  Diabetic Friendly